Welcome to the new online group site for Cochrane Steering Group. We hope that this will be a useful way for everyone to discuss and share information.


Welcome to this Cochrane Steering Group online discussion forum. The groups set up in this site are private which means that only CSG and Cochrane Senior Management team have access to this area (i.e. the same membership as the previous csg@lists.cochrane.org mailing list)

These groups are like a combination of a list server and a message board. So people can email in a new topic or a response to an existing thread or you can log on and view discussions in a web forum view.

You can change your settings to either receive 1) every new post as an email; 2) a daily digest email about activity; or 3) no emails at all.

This is intended to provide a better experience than our existing email lists so we would see this as replacing the previous email list.


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